Still waiting on hard copy books to be delivered, but it hasn't been 10 working days which your sight did specify, but overall very happy and impressed with the service and comunication. The Blackford Centre staff replied:
Ultimately, Blackford enjoins readers to ‘take a stand, as loudly as [they] dare, for liberal values and for freedom’. Noting that most of us are happy to entertain and to venture a much greater range of views and opinions in private than we are in public, he suggests that we should, to the extent that we can, be courageous in doing so publicly, for the sake of ‘true’ liberal principles and values.
1992, A review of environmental mediation : theory and practice / Carolyn Blackford Centre for Resource Management, Lincoln University [Lincoln, N.Z.] Wikipedia Citation Please see Wikipedia's template documentation for further citation fields that may be required.
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