Page 19: Why do the Socs and greaser go to different drive-ins? Page 20: Why does Dally hate “to do things the legal way?” Page 21: Why did Ponyboy always think the redhead was stuck up? Was he stereotyping her? How do you know? Page 22: Why do you think Ponyboy’s father gave him his name? Why do you think Ponyboy likes it so much?
1) "I turned my head to look at him and in the moonlight he looked like some Greek god come to earth" (Hinton 18). 2) "Soda always takes up for me" (Hinton 12). 3) "'Man, your brother is one doll. I might of guessed you were brothers-you look alike"' (Hinton 23). 4) "Sodapop isn't afraid of him like everyone else and enjoys teasing him" (Hinton 9).
Summary. Ponyboy and Johnny reach the park around 2:30 a.m. A blast from a car horn alerts them that the blue Mustang is near. The boys realize that they are outnumbered as five Socs climb out of the car, including Bob and Randy, Cherry's and Marcia's boyfriends.
Ponyboy never thought that Johnny would understand something out of a book better than he could. 3. Why does Johnny think he is a hero (p. 76)? Do you think Dally is a hero based on what he did? Johnny thinks that he is a hero because Dally got questioned by the police and kept calm the whole time.